Small business owners value their clients and none more than we who have owned and operated for almost two decades a successful internet cafe/business service shop on the Andalucian coast of Spain. This collection of stories is based on real customers; their international roots are a testament to the truly global environment that surrounds us all. These are observations of lives lived by REAL people who have been our clients - some of whom have already departed this lifetime but nevertheless have left an imprint on us. Obviously actual names were never used...thus it is only an impression or an effect that has left a trace of their humanity on us and others. ..and perhaps even left us lessons to learn.




"Just having read a few chapters, I was quite moved. I realized that other people out there had had their share of troubles and I was not the only one."........A.V.H. (Belgium)


"I have so very much enjoyed your book and learned a few things along the way...when is your next one due?.....S.C. (U.K.)


"I like your writing style; I never imagined that so many interesting people had been to your shop...one just thinks that people come and they go, I especially liked the psychology behind the book's stories."...M.S. (U.K.)


"Very interesting...this is a book that I read only a few chapters at a time in order for me to absorb the meanings of them; I enjoy your style of writing; it's not found every day yet easily understood. I am especially pleased with the large size of text - much easier on older eyes."...T.B. (Denmark)



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